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Jankbot 2 Is Here

Streamlined, Stabilized, Simplified


Jankbot ships with useful basic commands for organizing matches among your community. Adding modules to Jankbot can extend his functionality to do just about anything. Save quotes, find scrims, look up hero data, even add your own digital currency. Broadcast messages to your team or guild, and manage inhouses easily through Jankbot.

Easy Commands

All you have to do to use your Jankbot is message him. Jankbot automatically responds to friend requests, and is always ready to help you out. Message Jankbot just like anyone else on your friends list to give him commands.


Jankbot can connect to popular APIs through modules, delivering data and extra functionality right to your steam chat. Look up hero attributes from HeroStats.io, post to your twitter, and more. Jankbot can leverage any package available for NodeJS to extend his capabilities.


Jankbot is built to speak any language. Defaulting to English, Jankbot can be translated easily to use any other language. Currently, Jankbot ships with English, Portuguese and German translations.

Download Jankbot

Installing & Running

Jankbot is designed to run on Linux and OSX. While it is capable of running on a Windows machine, it requires extra setup and is not fully supported.

Installation Instructions (Linux, OSX, Windows)

The Jankbot Module Repository

Jankbot modules all in one place

We have compiled a collection of Jankbot modules all into one repository, and are accepting modules built by the community into the repository. Find modules, submit your own, report bugs, request module features and get updates all from one place.

Visit Jankbot Module Repository

Module API 2.0

The Jankbot module API has been redesigned from the ground up to provide a simpler, yet comprehensive way for developers to add functionality to Jankbot.

As developers ourselves, we know how important it is for documentation to be simple and clear. The Jankbot Github wiki is full of information on developing modules for Jankbot. Once you have finished your custom module, you can submit a pull request to the Jankbot Modules Repo to add it to the official module repository.

API Documentation